Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Eve of '08

Hello everyone. As 2008 approaches I begin to reflect upon this year. What have I done? How have I progressed? Well, not as much as I expected but I have done a lot and learned a lot. Not just in art but life in general. As for art, this year was largely one of experimentation. I still haven't found my niche market, but I feel I'm getting closer. I've opened my ears to suggestions as far as selling my work and such, but it may take the biggest piece of advice to get going, relocation. There are many great cities out there where the art scene is bigger, but moving to anyone would be disastrous without knowing what I'm looking for. Then again. Maybe what I'm looking for will find me? All I know is something's gotta happen. My situation has instilled in me a feeling that I"m running out of time, but now as I type this, the feeling is stronger than ever.

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