Monday, December 17, 2007

ANTM Girls

Firstly, I'd like to thank Xia Taptara for inspiring me to draw again. I had been doing some doodling since the Lollipop project, but nothing serious. I recommend anyone visit and see his work and learn from his tutorials! By his site name you can tell we share an appreciation for the female gender. But on to the drawings...I am an admitted watcher of America's Next Top Model. Though the recent seasons haven't been that great, the show over the years has produced some interesting reality characters. I took the opportunity to draw various contestants from the show. Hopefully, you can tell who they are as I'm trying to increase my ability to capture a likeness. These are all done in Photoshop which I'm beginning to like more and more for sketching.

I was surprised at how fast these came together. Xia talks about how important it is to be loose early on in the drawing and to consider the entire composition. One of the techniques he mentions is to picture things as "shapes." It certainly helped me place the elements of the face quicker and got me to lay down some values fast. Expect more drawings.

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