Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Artist Downs

Thanks for reading. I've been feeling down and inspired about my art lately. Down, because those old feelings of confusion (Do I really want to do this?) keep surfacing. Happens mostly when I'm doing a sketch and it looks bad. Other times it's when I look at my work and think, "no one would really buy this. I'm not marketable." But aside from all that I've been inspired because I've finally started receiving issues of Imagine FX magazine!! These things are loaded with different artists and tips and tricks and insights. So as soon as I feel down I'm up again after looking at one of these. Anyway I do have an image. Just a sketch. I'm still thinking of something to do for a valentines themed piece and the Pepper project is still in the works. I pray that one day I figure all this out and find my direction in life.

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