Monday, September 3, 2007

Feeling confused...again

Well everyone I don't have an image this time. I just wanna talk about my career situation. Surprise surprise it's got me feeling down again. I don't know, I just feel like I don't know where to turn next. I've been helping a friend of mine with an art project and I've been doing some more paintings just for me. But somehow it doesn't seem like enough. I still struggle with drawing and I still hardly get responses from any employers. As much as I'd like to be freelance, it helps tremendously to have professional experience which I lack unfortunately. So how do I get started...where do I get started? Bouncing between 3D and 2D I feel my portfolio lacks any real strengths. Based on what I know how to do, texturing seems to be the right path for me. As I texture this new project, I'm not sure if I'm where I need to be in that area as well especially when it comes to normal mapping. Companies now like to include that as part of the "texture artist" requirement. I have messed with Mudbox some but not enough to claim master. Environment artist seems like the spot for me. Sounds kinda boring but there's more demand for it. Looking at my 3D, it seems to be a nice fit. Most of my work consists of random objects. So I shall continue with this project hopefully until completion. Maybe this one could be big enough to actually impress someone. As far as illustration, I still have much to learn about composition, telling a story and let's not forget technique or style. I missed the September Bobby Chiu class. Perhaps I should take a break from the painting and get back on the 3D. Oh well I've run out of stuff to say. Thanks for reading and keeping checking for updates.

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