Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Next Level

I am getting better...right? I really believe I'm getting better, but I still feel anxious as if I'm not getting better fast enough. I usually start feeling like this when I look at other peoples work, who might be more experienced, and I know this is wrong. What I must do is be happy in the fact that I am getting better. Take my recent piece for example. I did another entry for Illustration I was very proud of it. I felt my color blending had improved and I got a full figure on the page (something I've been scared of doing for a while). I get motivated by positive praise more than anything and for me to receive none on this piece was disappointing. I uploaded the image to three other of my portfolio sites and the results were the same. I sit and think to myself why would no one reply to this? I still can't think of an answer, because I'm sure there's something to be said, if not praise then certainly constructive criticism (which is a LOT better than no response).

People/characters are my most favorite thing to draw so I must continue to look for ways to improve there. I know I could draw more for starters. Secondly, I just don't think my brain has enough "material." I read about how important it is to fill your brain with food so that you may approach different projects "better equipped." That means more pictures, more reference, and more paying closer attention to the visual food my eyes see everyday. There is also an emphasis of having an active social life. Now that is an area that could use work. I make a lot of excuses why I'm not out more, but I guess there really is no excuse. My life as a whole needs to be taken to the next level, but it's proving to be tough. Well, I still am motivated. I still want to get better. I still want my work shared and recognized by the world. Looks like I still have a long way to go.

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